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Production Automation


Cencorp 1300 FA

   - The Cencorp 1300 FA cell is a heavy duty production platform with standard operating software and graphical user interface. This

     flexible platform can easily be configured for a wide range of light assembly and part handling applications in both high volume –

     low mix and in low volume–high mix environments. By starting with a proven platform, custom solutions are delivered with lower

     cost, less technical risk, and shorter delivery time when compared to ground-up automation development.Equipped with state of the

     art industrial robots, the 1300 FA meets the most demanding requirements for speed and accuracy. Three different robot arms are

     available depending on the application need. All the robots are roof mounted allowing a large working area for the utilization of

     process heads, application units, feeders and transport systems.The 1300 FA has been designed for heavy 24/7 utilization. This

     workhorse system allows Cencorp customers to improve manufacturing competitiveness through increased capacity, reduced labor,

     improved quality and production control. When combined with Cencorp line control software, Cencorp production lines are capable

     of true “lot size of one” flexible production.


Application Experts

   - Process specific applications are built using Cencorp’s huge application module library and by integrating process units from 3rd

     party experts. The 1300 FA can be configured both as a stand-alone process unit or linked together with conveyors in a turnkey

     assembly line. By using proven process modules and a standard platform, Cencorp is able to deliver customized solutions with

     minimal technical risk and maximum ROI. Thirty years’ experience and expertise in automation, assembly processes, and

     manufacturing strategies, makes Cencorp a valued partner for our customers.


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