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Cencorp 1300 BR

   - Cencorp’s first depaneling product was amanually fed shearing machine that wasintroduced in the early 1980’s. Now with morethan

      30 years’ experience in manufacturingdepaneling equipment, with pride we launch anew generation in-line depaneling cell,

      theCencorp 1300 bottom router. Cencorp 1300 BRhas extremely high accuracy and speed to cutPCB panels. It utilizes the most

      advanced linearmotor technology for the PCB separatingprocess; thus, providing high speed and highaccuracy, but keeping the

      maintenance costslow.


Low cost of the product exchange

   - The fully automated Cencorp 1300 BR is designed for high volume mass-production. The fast productchange over increases flexibility

      while guaranteeing a high through-put and, thus, minimizing productionloss. Moreover, we recognize a growing need for ESD

      protection and a clean cutting process (less dust),which have been very carefully incorporated to our depaneling solutions. Also, the

      known Cencorp userandservice-friendliness has been taken into account when designing the 1300 BR, allowing easy accessinside to

      cell on both sides front and rear. The Cencorp depaneling machines are equipped with softwareinterface that will allocate required

      information pertaining to daily production. In addition, we have veryuseful software options available like, PCB quality verification, bit

      height and diameter verification, CAD filedownload, off-line programming and others, which also increase productivity.



Modular platform

   - Our standard solution is based on modular product construction, which includes a wide variety of PCBhandling solutions needed

      after the depaneling process, such as, tray conveyors, flat belt conveyors, PCBshuttle and palette conveyors.

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