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Laser Applicaton


Laser Marking – Precise, Fast and Flexible

   - Cencorp laser marking workstations are designed to meet the demands of heavy industrial use. High quality components from top to

     bottom make Cencorp platforms highly accurate and reliable. From the heavy dutysteel base structure to state of the art lasers and

     scanners, these systems are designed to bring optimal performance to the application while also being very easy to use. The compact

     Cencorp laser marking workstations provide asmall foot print saving valuable factory floor space as everything is integrated into the        workstation; laser unit, scanner, supply unit, cooling unit and computer.


Variety of Workstations

   - Cencorp laser marking workstations can be used for a wide range of laser marking tasks. The marking workstation product range

     starts from a mini scale tabletop workstation, 300 LM, which is perfect for integration with manual workstations. The 800 LM and 800

     LMR are standalone systems for larger scale products and higher volume production. For in-line production requirements, the 800

     LMI offers full in-linecapability for a range of marking applications. This system is compatible with trays, pallets, or other formats that

     are transportable by conveyor. Multiaxis movement of the laser and marking of large products is possible in the 1300 LM platform. If

     these laser marking workstations do not fulfill your marking needs, then the solution can be found from the customized workstations

     that are built based on specific customerrequirements.


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